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How to easily and quickly check the active xl credit period

The active period of XL Credit  should be properly known so that you can still use it for both Internet and telepon and SMS needs. As is well known, each operator himself sets the active period for each number of users for a certain period of time.

If your number’s active period has expired and it’s no longer updated, it could cause the number to be lost to prevent customers from using it. Obviously, such conditions will allow you to experience a millionl ah of obstacles, because you can’t enjoy the various XL services, right?

As we already know, xl itself  is one of the cellular operators, which is very popular in Indonesia. This is due to the large number of service products they offer, such as internet packages, phone packages, SMS packages to various types of advertisements. Interestingly, it is also known that the price of XL is quite cheap to be accessed by anyone

Unfortunately, not all XL users  pay attention to the active period of their  XL credit. They understood only after the number could not be used to access all the services offered. Due to the end of the active period, it is not uncommon for users to have to change a new SIM card, because the old card has run out.

Of course, you do not want this if the lost number appears to you due to the fact that you do not  pay attention to the active  XL century? To find out how active the pulse period is actually very easy. To make sure customers are no longer curious, here are some ways that can be used to check above.

How to easily check the active  period of XL credit

For those of you who are looking for   an active grace period for SIMcard XL, you can use 2 methods, namely through   the dialing code *123# or through the site. To check using a dial-up connection, customers can directly enter *123# in the call menu of your mobile phone. If so, you can immediately see the details.

Meanwhile, if through the site customers just need to visit my XL.co.id then they can immediately choose the language. Skip some processes where you don’t need them by clicking Skip this process. Log in or sign in with the mobile number and password you created earlier. On the web, customers can see the remaining credit along with the active period.

Another way to check the active xl credit period  is through the MyXL app. The app is available on playtore and app store for Ios users. This method also turns out to be lighter and more practical than using a site. If you have successfully downloaded, you can immediately enter the number and password.

For an active credit period, it also depends on the amount of the balance sent. The larger the credit balance in which it is sent, it turns out that the longer the active time of the XL card  and the credit on it will be. For those of you who want to extend your active time, you can immediately extend it in several ways below.

Ways to  extend the life of XL SIM

To extend the active period of  XL Credit  , in fact, there are various ways to do this, including replenishing the credit balance. To replenish the balance, you can do it in several ways, for example, by being able to make purchases directly through e-commerce, for example, Shopee, Tokopedia to open a kiosk. The active credit period  on the XL card is:

  1. Rp1000 = 2 days
  2. Rp5000 = 7 days
  3. Rp10 000 = 15 days
  4. Rp15 000 = 20 days
  5. Rp25 000 = 35 days
  6. Rp 50,000= 45 days
  7. Rp 100.000 = 90 days
  8. Rp 200.000 = 120 days
  9. Rp 300.000 = 180 days
  10. Rp500 000 = 240 days
  11. 000.000 = 360 days

XL customers can not only take advantage of how to check the active period of XL credit, but also  purchase xl assets for the period. It is suitable for those of you who have a lot of credit balance, but the grace period is already almost here. Obviously, you don’t want the number to be burned casually, right? here are the steps.

  1. First, customers can directly open the phone menu or make phone calls
  2. If so, you can immediately enter *123 * 8484 #. Wait a moment for the new menu to appear
  3. Subsequently, customers can immediately see several options for active age from the XL , namely 2 thousand IDR for 1.3 days, 5000 IDR for 2.7 days, 15,000 IDR for 3 30 days, 30,000 IDR for 4 90 days and 100,000 IDR for 5360 days.
  4. Make sure you choose the option where according to your individual needs.
  5. If the above method was performed, the age of your XL SIMcard will automatically increase

Other ways    to extend the life of the xl operator

Another way that can be used to extend the active period of  XL Credit  , is to purchase different types of packages (Internet, SMS and telephone) provided by the operator or through a credit transfer. As for how it can be used very easily, here are the reviews.

  1. When buying a package of services

For those of you who want to save money? The above trick may be the best solution, namely when buying an Internet package, SMS or phone, where the XL is provided. For customers who want to purchase a package, they can directly access the service *123#, users will find several menu options.

Starting from SMS packets, phone to the Internet. Here it is advisable to select the XTRACOMbo menu. In this menu, users can find several selections of internet packages that can be customized according to their individual needs.

  1. By credit transfer

In addition to the fact that you canget credit for how to check the active xl credit period with a credit transfer, there may also be a decision to extend the  life  of your expensive XL card. You just need to access *123#, select the number 7 for information, next select the menu “m-pulsa” and divide the credit. Just enter the destination number and credit amount.

Advantages of XL operators

There are several advantages of using the XL operator, including the  following:

  1. Has a pretty good internet network

The first  advantage of  this XL operator  is that it already has a fairly good Internet network. Especially since it already has a 4G network, which today is the fastest network. It is also inseparable from its services, which have spread to almost all regions of Indonesia.

  1. Has a complete package as needed

This provider is also known for its options for all packages that can be adapted to the needs of customers. Starting with Internet packets, SMS to the phone. Of course, at a price where it can be accessed by all its customers.

  1. The presence of responsive and communicative customer service

The last advantage is sensitive and communicative customer service. These customer service services always provide the best services, for example, they provide friendly services to customers.

XL is one of the most popular cellular operators due to the full number of services and products offered. For you, loyal customers, knowing  the  active period of  XL Credit  is indeed a very important thing.

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