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Some varieties of West Javanese batik that refresh the eyes!

West Javanese Batik is an unchanging Indonesian culture. How not, it is already recognized as a World Cultural Heritage. It is certain that Batik is able to bring indonesia’s aromatic name into the world scene. For those of you who are not familiar with Batik. Batik is a work of art written on a cloth.

It has such a high value because every composition  has a meaning. So it’s not just made by prioritising a trend model. It already has its own commercial mark  to use far  ahead. However, youngsters are now forgetting it by wearing the famous distro clothes  .

The disappearance of this culture is a devastating blow that must be overcome. The mentality of Indonesians is still low, making it easier to be provoked by outsiders. Although he doesn’t want to wear a batik, if he  is admitted by Malaysia, a lot of people are angry, including you, right? The point is that this prevents the culture from being claimed as much as possible.

One form to maintain it is to keep it going. Especially if the residents of  Bar where many types of West Java batik are available. You can wear it on government or non-official occasions. Now there are many models of batik fabrics that can be combined with modern flavours. So it doesn’t necessarily look old-fashioned.

For those of you who are curious about the variety of options. We have a few references with eye-refreshing nuances. There are actually a lot of options, but we will list those that refresh the eyes. This is so that the one wearing it can be the centre of attention as it is eye-catching or eye-pleasing .

Megamandung Batik is the traditional of Western Java

For newlyweds who are going to get married. Most parents  will buy this type of batik. Gives meaning to fertility and gives life. The megamanding West Java Batik looks colourful with bright subtleties. Such as red, blue, yellow, green, even pinK. The origin of this motif comes from Syribbon in the central region.

The areas of the manufacturing center are Trussmi Village, Sub-District, Palred, and Syrbon Regenerations. Sowhat is the purpose? Matches the color with the whole color. Of course, the motives will not be far away. It is believed to be because it was first built in an area close to the sea. The life-giving meaning of the rain-form is represented by the clouds of the sea.

This meaning is very apt to describe the giver of life. Rain is capable of giving life to many living beings. Not just human beings but other small creatures as well. So don’t be surprised if there is a form of cloud with a rain wrap. For a collarful hue with such a motif, it clearly signifies a peaceful life.

With this kind of motive, the price in the market is certainly not very expensive. It can be purchased at the lowest price of Rs 20,000. This depends on the quality of the fabric and the complexity of the motif. But the  price of 20 thousand is good for the common people. Wearing it during official events is a great option.

West Javanese Batik in the Siamis region

For this type of Western Javanese batik, it presents several outlines at the same time. There are actually many but the most popular options are from The State of Gluh. A victorious state in those days. For its popular forms, it includes shark stones, gluh pakuan, and siong vanara.

Surelyyou often hear Siung Vanara if you visit the Bandung area and surroundings. This motif is based on the history of the power struggle in Derah Siamis. The king of Siung Vanara ran for power to become one of the most influential kings there. During this time, the glue pakus were snatched from the dagger of a king.

More accurately the king of Galluh during the reign of the Siamis kingdom at the time. Because the shark stone motif is taken from the holiday camp of Pangendran. A holiday area that is  like y ik to stop by. Whimsical gives rise to motives but still has a deeper meaning. In addition, there are also motives for the combination of jogs and lonely people.

This motive is almost the same as it is in his diacle. Calming effect with a shade of white chocolate or dark chocolate. It keeps alive the unique features emanating from it. In general, the price of the Siamis Batik is still quite affordable. From thousands to hundreds of thousands depending on the quality of construction.

West Java Batik Sianjur Region

According to this region, Sianjur is a special agricultural area. The outlines presented are certainly the nuances of agriculture. For the first time since the colonial era, it was used by many Indonesians at that time. If you look deeper, the outlines presented are inspired by agriculture. The yellowish green colour with rice grains is a clear proof of this.

With this kind of motive, the selling price is not very expensive. You can easily get it through offline and even online marketplaces. Now there are many batik vendors who sell their items online. At a price that will not be up to lakhs. You can also buy in dozens or even parties at the same time.

Go deeper into one of the most popular Western Javanese bats. In fact, four outlines have been introduced, namely, Hard KEkapee, Cross-Pancak, Paddy, and Hayam Pelang. The rice motif definitely speaks about its agricultural area, while Harp explains the situation in the village.

Then for martial arts, it reflects the dynastic culture. With this feature, it definitely distinguishes it from other areas. There is also Hayam Pelang where it tells about chickens from Saanjhoor. A variant that will refresh the eyes if you are bored of the usual options. Especially for the people of Central and East Java.

West Javanese Batik in the Indiramu region

For the fourth type thatmay be able to refresh the eyes is Indramayu which is one of  the  West Java regions close to nature  . There was a lot of inspiration with the plants and hewa n by making artisans there. Its  interesting looks make it in great demand. The colour pattern is also fresh as it uses a combination of natural fresh colours.

The artisans there were inspired by how nature came together. Both humans, animals, and plants can come together in one ecosystem. This relationship can be explained more broadly. So it’s not just ecosystem relationships but small relationships. In short, the motives of the Indramu region suggest that life should be more harmonious.

Be it from family, society, village, city and even country. The emergence of a sense of separatism and giving importance to the group can be the result of many societies forgetting the culture. Culture is a relic full of philosophy. So if it is underestimated, then in the end a lot of people will be badly affected.

The selling price of this motif is classified as more expensive. With a wonderful mix of many aspects. This will surely lead to the effect of luxurious luxury. You can buy it online and offline. But in today’s time online is much cheaper. One can save more on expenses without having to shop for other things.

The minimum purchase price is Rs 50,000. It depends on the provider and the materials used. The work is for a longer period of time with more complex motives. This will definitely increase the sale price. If you are interested because it gives a refreshing look to the eyes. Try to wear it on special occasions even if officially highly recommended.

How does it still take up so many other kinds of ideas? At the moment only four types of motives as of this writing. Its popularity and beauty in the eyes. Add this to the recommendations even if the selling price is not too high. Nevertheless, it gives a deeper meaning to The West Javanese Batik life.

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