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Governor and Deputy Governor of West Java in 2021

The leadership of the governor and deputy governor  of West Java is  certainly very important in implementing regulations in their region. During the term of office, the role of the leader becomes a figure that will be respectedto realize government policies. Not only that, leaders must be able to help the people and lead them to improve the level of well-being.

By this fact, it is necessary to know that the election of leaders is carried out once every few years.   The process also takes place through the general election of regional heads according to the procedures established by special public authorities.  The period of election of civil servants will therefore be carried out fairly, fairly and transparently in the interest of the public interest.

Each term of office,  of course,  changes the regional head according to the results of the elections elected by the people.   For the time being, there is already a reliable leader who  holds the position of governor for the West Java region.  In order to fully know  the profile and position, we will describe detailed information about the leader.

Armed with this information, at least you can understand what the governor’s current background is like.  When you get to know his profile, you also know his leadership style and performance during government.  So learn in advance about the full profile  of west Java’s regional leader   in 2021.

 Full west java provincial leader profile  and data

According to data from the governor and deputy governor  of West Java, it appears that the regional leader is from the city of Bandung. Having previously succeeded in becoming mayor, he has now managed to  become  the winner of the regional elections since 2018  .  The name of the current West Java leader  is called Ridwan Kamil or better known as Kang Emil.

This West Javanese regional leader was born on October 4, 1971, based in Bandung as a birth.  The level of education is also quite high as he graduated from the Bandung Institute of Technology majoring in architecture.  As for the master’s degree, it was taken in the United States, namely the University of Berkeley in California.

Before entering politics, Ridwan Kamil  had a job as an architect as his main profession. As far as the secondary profession is concerned, Kang Emil also worked as an ITB teacher, but did not relax.   From there it became clear that unrest began to arise to try to get into politics.

Before becoming governor and deputy governor of West Java , Ridwan Kamil became mayor of Bandung in 2013. During his tenure, he continued to show great improvements that could change the city for the better. In every aspect or aspect, it turns out to enable the city of Bandung to get the best price.

From this beginning,  Kang Emil’s name and leadership style began to be noticed by the wider community.  At the end of 2018 we started applying for the  regional government of West Java.  The result was to appoint Ridwan Kamil as permanent and official governor for the west Java government area.

Profile and details of the most complete deputy leader of the province of West Java

The talks about the governor and deputy governor  of West Java continue on the profile of the deputy side.   After the previous discussion provided detailed information about regional leadership, it is now the turn to discuss  the deputy  .  In a government, of  course,   the synergy between the leader and his deputy  must  work together.

Uu Ruzhanul Ulum was born on May 10, 1969 in the city of Tasikmalaya based on his basic profile.   For the issue of the educational background, it turns out that Ruzhanul Ulum graduated a bachelor’s degree from Siliwangi University.  Interestingly, Ruzhanul Ulum entered politics earlier than Ridwan Kamil in a government career.

It has been noted that Uu has been the leader since its inception, serving as regent in the Tasikmalaya area.   Interestingly, since 2011, Uu has won in two terms at once and continues as a pertahana. In 2018, however, it preferred to move on to the government at the provincial level.

Paired with Ridwan Kamil when he nominated the leader of West Java, it proved to be a victory and officially became his deputy.   There are several parties that carry the law as representatives, namely PPP, Hanura, PKB and Nasdem.  Although Kang Emil is an independent candidate, the law is actually carried by four parties at once.

Finally, the governor and deputy governor of West Java have now been  successfully detained until their term expires.  You can learn more about what the leadership  of the two key figures  of the West Java region looks like.   Later, it will become more clearly known about the results of ridwan Kamil’s government and the Ruzhanul Ulum law.

Duties as governor and his deputy during administration

After discussing each profile, you can now further understand about the rule. Local leaders must have certain obligations established under the law in order to be fully fulfilled.  For the wheels of government to run smoothly, it must participate in the guidelines for tasks as a leader.

It should be noted that every governor and deputy governor  of West Java must have  obligations while in office.  Of  course, when you understand the duties of each party, it must be  done correctly by different authorities.   An example of the first task to be performed is intensive communication and good coordination of the entire range.

In addition, there are Nawa Cita guidelines that must be correctly implemented during his tenure as regional leader.   It is important for the leader and his deputy to help maintain the order of the community in state life  .  Create and enforce local regulations as new cases come in from the policy formulation phase.

Based on the main duties of the governor and deputy governor  of West Java, this means that they must work together at the same time.   Any action must be aimed at meeting  the  public interest  as much as possible in order to improve the well-being of the people.   This effort will be carried out so that there is an improvement in the performance and performance of every element of society.

There are basic bans that the leadership cannot do in the three regulations of the central ministry.   These are changes in employees, cancellation of permits of previous officials and conflicting policy making.  Because of these kinds of rules, it is certain that the wheels of the government will also be more flexible during the office.

Ridwan Kamil’s achievements during his tenure

Since 2018 he has been regional head, of course there must be important changes and improvements. All kinds of these benefits are realized to make every element of society’s activities run smoothly.   If there is an increase in one aspect, it is possible that other aspects are also positively influenced.

There were various achievements of the governor and deputy governor  of West Java during the reign to the best results.  For economic affairs, it turned out to be one of the spearheads of investments in the Southeast Asian region.  Many investors enter to provide funds in various special sectors in West Java.

According to data carried out by the BKPM, it appears that the West Java region scores highest in Indonesia. As an investment destination, West Java has  been  able to obtain investor funds worth 120.4 trillion rupiah.  Knowing the existence of this high number, it must have been immediately welcomed as a valuable achievement during government.

As a result of this increase in investment, it is certain that the economic sector, including small and medium-sized enterprises, will increase  in level. The agricultural sector is also able to achieve maximum yields in accordance with the harvest that will be improved in quality. As long as there are these kinds of improvements, it can be established that people’s standard of living is close to the welfare point.

Actually, there are many more awards and achievements that Ridwan Kamil has achieved from every aspect. In fact, Ridwan Kamil is currently said to be a role model for modern regional  leaders.   In this way, it should be valued with regard to the achievements of the governor and deputy governor  of West Java during his term of office.

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