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Some types of West Javans Batiste of West Javanbatic that refresh the eye!

West Javanbatic is an irreplaceable Indonesian culture that has already been recognized as a world heritage. There is no doubt that a sweet name can be brought to the world stage: for those of you unfamiliar with Bertik, Batik is a work of art written on the fabric.

Every creation is valuable because it makes sense, so it’s not just about prioritizing the pattern of routes; it already has its own trade mark to be used far ahead, but young people are now  starting to forget about it by wearing famous clothes.

The withering of this culture is a devastating impact and a devastating impact to be overcome; the mindset of the Indonesian people is still diminished and provocated by outsiders It makes it easy to get it, but if Malaysia admits to him, a lot of people, including you, are angry, which means that the culture is as protected as much as possible from claiming it.

It is a form of maintenance, especially in Jebaba,  where many types of West Gerberty are available. You can wear it, and now there are a lot of Bartick clothes that can be combined with modern taste, so it doesn’t look old-fashioned.

For those who want to know the different choices: we have some eye-refreshing features and quotes. actually a lot of options. We will list the refreshing but refreshing eyes, so the person wearing it can be a center  of attention because it is eye-catching or  appealing.

 Megamandong Bartick of West Java

Megamendung West Java Batik  is a brilliant  appearance. The origin of this mortification, such as red, blue, yellow, green, green, and green comes from Siribon in the heartland.

The manufacturing centers are Trasmi villages, districts, small persons, restrictions, and Sirivon buildings. In fact, motives are not far away, and they believe it because it was first made in the territory near the ocean, and the meaning of life is symbolized by rainy sea clouds.

This means that it is very appropriate to describe the giver of life— rainwater can keep many living things alive—not only humans but also other small organisms. Don’t be surprised if there is a cloud stir; for the colorful color of a morphine like this, it makes peace life clear.

For this purpose, the market price is certainly not too expensive; it can be purchased at the lowest price of 20,000. It depends on the quality and complexity of the color, but for ordinary people the price of 20 tonnes is good, and wearing it during official events is an excellent option.

West Javanbatik in the Ceramic region

For this type of West Javanbatic, this one immediately presents many motives, of course, while there are many of the most popular options, but the most popular options are mosquitoes It was one of the most successful countries at the time, including shark rocks, gluperkuwan, and Sion Warner for popular motifs.

If you visit the Bandung region and the surrounding area, you  will no doubt hear the creek, which is based on the history of the power struggle in Dera Ceramic. King Sichuana scrambled to gain power in order to become one of the most influential kings, during which time gluquan was taken from the king’s dagger.

During the reign of King Kyrgyzstan at that time, he was a more accurately alarmed king, taking a shark rock motte from the ruins of a holiday in Pangandaaran. A  holiday area like yk to stop, but it still has deep meaning, and there are also motives for harmonizing Georgie and the corner people.

This objective is almost exactly the same as his dash page, calmed down with white chocolate or shades of black chocolate. Keep it alert, usually the price of Cyramis Bartick is still somewhat priced, depending on the quality of the production, from tens of thousands to thousands.

West Java Bartak Kim Journal

According to the region, Cianjur is a special agricultural area, and the presented Mortifs are not just agricultural features; for the first time since the colonial era, many Indonesians Agriculture stimulates the stimulus presented, and the color of yellow with rice seeds is a clear evidence of this.

The price of such a purpose is not too expensive; it is readily available offline and even online markets. There are plenty of Bartick sellers who sell online, at the price of thousands, and even at dozens and parties you can buy at once.

Go deeper into one of the most popular West Javanese: actually the hard Kecapi, Pencak, Padi, Four molecules, pyam pelung, were presented, and while the harp was talking about the situation in the village, San Motif told us exactly what the agricultural land was like.

Then for martial arts, it reflects the genetic culture, with which it is actually distinguished from other regions, and there is also the hyumping that talks about chickens. If you are bored with ordinary options, there are a variety of things that will refresh your eyes, especially for the Central and East Java people.

West Javanese Bethick in the Andramau region

The fourth category  that can refresh the eyes is  Andramau  ,  one of the most close to  naturally occurring regions of West  Java . Interesting molecules  demand it greatly, and the  color pattern is fresh because it combines new natural colors.

The artisans there were inspired by how nature became integrated, and both animals and plants could unite together as an ecosystem. In summary, the purposes of the Andramau region indicate that life should be more harmonious.

The emergence of separatist attitudes and the emergence of important importance to the group are culturally forgotten societies, whether from family, society, villages, and countries Culture is a relic full of philosophy, so underestimating it will have a bad effect in the end for many.

The sale price of this Mortif is defined as more expensive; many features are uniquely combined, which really impresses beautiful luxuries You can buy it online and offline, but in modern times it’s cheaper online, and you can save more for costs without having to shop for other items.

The minimum purchase price is 50,000, which depends on the supplier and the products used, which lasts for longer with more complex purposes. It will certainly increase the price, and  if you are interested, it is because it stimulates your eyes, and try to dress on special occasions.

Nowadays, there are only four purposes like this: popularity and beauty in the eyes, and even if the price of sales is not too high, put it in recommendations, but this West Javanbatic  makes life deeply meaningful.

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