Know the simplest recipe for Gejrot tofu from West Java : Diagram

Know the simplest recipe for Gejrot tofu from West Java

If you follow the changes in the culinary world, you must be curious about the  West Javanese recipe for tofu geyrot. In addition, Indonesia itself has many options for special foods that you can easily enjoy. Perhaps almost all regions havetheir own traditional masaka n, of course very tasty.

The culinary world never dies, because every day there are the latest discoveries that are often used as targets for food connoisseurs. Do not worry, if you are one of the people, culinary development in the country can help to find out the development. There are many types of cuisines that have their own specialties.

Looking at the recipe for tofu geyrot from West Java, which  we will share later, before you have to know that it is very simple.  You don’t have to be afraid to wait for the seller when you want to eat this snack. But studying the whole recipe is guaranteed to make it easier to cook a hit dish.

Usually geyrot tofu can be easily found when sellers are on the side of the road, of course there are different flavors. And of course, if you want to feel the snack this time, Nisa is enjoying the light price. However, it is uncertain whether it can be found at any time, given that fringe traders will sell at will.

To facilitate the process of enjoying this culinary, from an early age, try to understand the following explanation. We will help explain the whole discussion about the ingredients and how to cook from start to finish. Make sure you always follow the core of the conversation to the end to understand all the content.

The origin of the recipe for Gejrot tofu from West Java

Looking back, it turns out that there is the origin of the origin of the tofu geyrot from the city of Cirebon. The first look of culinary is thatthe basic ingredients of tofu gembus have been cut into small pieces. Then it is poured with the help of a slightly spicy soup and has a black coke color of  brown sugar.

If you visit the area of Cirebon, West Java, it will be incomplete if you have not tried the most popular culinary nowadays, namely tahu gejrot. This type of food is widely sought after by tourists when visiting the city of Cirebon, but now it is widespread. Although it spreads to several large areas, this does not mean that it is easy to obtain.

Because the recipe for geyrot tofu typical of West Java is different compared to sellers on the side of the road. The indigenous people there  are wiser in processing dishes so that their own flavors appear.  When it is in Cirebon, in almost every corner of the city there are geyrot tofu sellers at affordable prices.

Due to the fact that this area is famous for the city of tofu, since most of the tofu processing plants are in Cirebon. No wonder the most delicious culinary scene appears today, so it can be added to the list of favorite snacks. Due to the  number of tofu factories, local people have the skills to make these dishes.

The appearance of the name is considered to have come from the seller’s habit of putting brown sugar water in the bottle. Then they serve the dishes by serving the complete soup, which has been crushed on a pottery dish.   The appearance of geyrot was originally customary when soup was poured from a bottle sounding jrot-jrot.

Complete ingredients of Western Java’s popular snack

When you’re at home, remember to always take advantage of the time to learn every recipe for geyrot tofu typical of West Java. Given that if you want to eat, you no longer need to go to the nearest seller, do it independently. Of course, before  you can make your own, you need to understand the basic ingredients.

The distinctive taste of geyrot tofu itself has a sweet, spicy and certainly spicy flavor that can be enjoyed in the afternoon. We will share the most e nak recipe,  which has proven to be very suitable for all Indonesian languages. Can’t wait to figure out how to do it? Let’s watch more.

The first thing needed is definitely the type of tofu gembus or sumedang to taste, if possible, make at least 10 seeds. Do not do excessively or too little, when cooking it is better to use moderately as needed. Then the next main ingredient is sweet soy sauce to taste approximately 1 tablespoon.

The recipe for West Java tofu geyrot is incomplete if you did not use brown sugar, so cut it into thin slices of 3 tablespoons.   Then also prepare a little tamarind water, other ingredients can make soy sauce one tablespoon.  Also prepare oil not much.

Prepare a delicate seasoning in advance

Entering the next stage of making geyrot tofu requires a certain spice, which, when enjoyed, will give a delicious taste. Among other things, starting with shallots, prepare at least a few four cloves.   This is necessary so that the flavor adds maknyus and, of course, also adds onions in the amount of two grains.

Since this kind of culinary has a spicy taste, it is of course necessary to use some cayenne pepper.   But depending on your needs, if you really do not enjoy the spiciness of the dishes, it is better not to be forced to give too much.   The maximum recommended level of spiciness is only six types of cayenne pepper.

To add to a spicy dish, the West Javanese recipe for gejrot tofu requires the person to prepare salt.   The use of salt is not necessary too much, perhaps just 1 teaspoon is enough. Due to the fact that it is used only  to make the taste salty and not sweet, so it is suitable for everyone.

Surely most of them have enjoyed interesting dishes from Cirebon, as the prices are quite affordable and easy to find. However, it is certain that the taste will be different from the recipe that we provide. Because we give you a special recipe from the original village of the originator of the first type of culinary tofu.

Manufacturing process in a simple way

The first step in cooking is to first collect all the ingredients and tools used to speed up the process of artificial pem.   Well, if you already have sumedang tofu, of course, you don’t need to cook again. It is different if the usual type, which is still raw, must first be cooked until dry and boiled.

The key to the success of r esep tahu gejrot typical of Western Java  is,  of course, the soup, if you know how to make it correctly, it is certainly very tasty.   The first way to  heat it is to heatall the water in a saucepan until it boils.   Then pour directly soy sauce, tamarind water, as well as brown sugar.

While waiting for cooking, leg all the goods according to the recipe that was previously mixed with cayenne pepper. Be sure to add a little salt so that the level of wildness is remarkable, uleg roughly, so that it is not smooth.  Add three tablespoons of hot oil to make the texture a little wet and combine well with the tofu.

Combine all the tofu with the help of earthenware dishes and add to the traditional taste of the dish.   Stir until evenly distributed so that  you can enjoy the seasoning without distinction in taste on each side.   Then pour in the whole delicious soup to pour it onto a plate, finally this culinary is ready for direct serving.

By understanding all the processes from start to finish, you can now create your own without any problems. When using each of these methods, it is guaranteed that the level of deliciousness when consumed will be very maximum.  After paying attention  to  the typical recipe for tofu geyrot from West Java,  this time it’s time for you to  prove that you make it at home.

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