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Various features of Tiki Call Center available 24 hours

Tick  is a shipping or delivery company  with close attention to the Tiki call center, prioritizing customer satisfaction in order to provide maximum service makes different ways to contact CS, this is a type of innovation that is very important for the company’s own progress and community trust.

A glimpse into TIKI’s history was first established in Jakarta in 1970 and has been able to survive until now. There are currently 3,700 outlets > branches and about 60 employees. Shipping prospects become the best shipping company in Indonesia as well as known internationally.

Realize this vision, use the mission to work professionally and to do as much as possible to the best. This is evidenced by the tiki call centre service that  pays attention to customers  for 24 hours, finishing what features belong to as well as 24 hours of call center where  there are many benefits for customers.

Examples of features  provided by  TIKI on theofficial website page

The ease of online information is now a concern for many large companies in Indonesia including TIKI. In addition to providing Tiki call centers, fast and accurate information services on the website are a very important source and many features are provided for the convenience of our customers and we will look at a few examples below.

  1. Check receipt

The Check Receipts feature is available on the homepage so it’s very easy to find by customers. You just need to enter the receipt number obtained at the beginning of the package delivery. Then click on track it, the results will come out immediately in seconds so that you immediately know the process of sending the package.

  1. Transportation Review

There is a postal checking feature where the destination provides information on how much shipping costs are. enter information about how much the package weighs, enter the destination city, and then click on the review provided according to the information  you entered, and if it is not clear, contact Tiki’s call center.

  1. Check location

TIKI is spread throughout Indonesia and is definitely available in the nearest city to you. Use the Location Check feature to find the location of the nearest office so that you can immediately send packages. You can also use online pickup, online ordering or shuttle features on our official website.

Frequently asked questions from customers of k eTIKI services

Even though we now offer Tiki call center services, there are still many customers who really need information and various questions often come in and  are very diverse according to the needs and problems they face here are some of the most frequently asked questions by customers and hopefully can answer their questions as well.

  1. How many days will the shipping process arrive?

We offer several delivery packages that can be selected at the beginning when you are going to the ship. Where each of them has a different delivery period depending on the choice, such as:

  • ONS only 1 day
  • REG between 3 and 4 days
  • Echo between 4 and 5 days
  1. How do I check that the package has arrived?

Checking the parcel delivery process is actually very easy and is available on the website page. You can use the receipt check feature so you can see where the package is in just a few seconds, you can also call the 15 00 125 hotline , of course, you are given information directly by our customer service .

  1. How do I contact CS?

Questions also arise about how tiki call centre  calls are now very much.  This  is actually normal because customers want to make sure for themselves the answer to any questions you can use to phone the phone line, email or call on  social media such as FB, IG or our official Twitter  .

  1. What are thumbs up, spin and serlock?

We use terms to name different services so that customers need to understand what they mean.

  • THUMBS has an online service to pick up for all customers.
  • ROTARY is the same day as pickup and drop service.
  • SERLOK is booking an online vendor as a special facility for vendors.

Call center provided by TIKI by phone, email and social media

As a company that focuses on parcel delivery, we strive  to provide the best Tiki call center  service  . . . it is hoped that customers can file various complaints, problems are being experienced here are some ways to contact CC either by phone, email or social media, which is open 24 hours.

  1. Call center by phone

The phone number that customers can call is 125 00 15 and the fastest number to provide answers you can get directly about delivery, collaboration or others in the transfer hotline number.  This telephone tariff is the same as the usual tariff so you have to get credit so that you are not bound by the pound when you sign in.

  1. Call Center by Email

If you have trouble using telephony services because it is actually used by customers from all over Indonesia. So using email  is the best solution by sending a message to address, you have to wait patiently for the response of the sent message because it is not as fast as using a phone call.

  1. Call center via social media

One of the Tiki call centers that can be used is the use of social media such as Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram.

Benefits of 24-hour call center services for customersand companies

Initially, the call center service opened in special hours, i.e. only from Monday – Friday at 07.00 – 20.00. While on Saturday it is open from 08.00 – 19.00 and Sunday it is open at 09.00 – 17.00. TIKI has now changed the service plan to 24 hours and sees its benefits.

  1. Can call at any time

Customers need to be sure where and when the package is sent. With a 24-hour service, you can contact it at any time without any restrictions during business hours. So there is no need to worry anymore if you want to contact the call centre in the middle of the night even though it should be served.

  1. Obstacles can be overcome immediately

Obstacles are unpredictable when they occur even though the possibility is too small. With a 24-hour service, these different obstacles can be overcome immediately and respond faster. It doesn’t have to be confused if there’s a problem at any time because you just need to contact the service center.

  1. Able to increase customer trust

For the company itself, the 24-hour service has the advantage of being able to increase trust. Trust is very important and the main thing for loyal customers is to use TIKI delivery services. This will make the company grow and get a lot of customers who believe in the quality of our service.

As a shipping company that has decades of experience, we provide the best service. Various features are offered on the website to make it easier for customers to find important information. This includes providing Tiki call centre services  that can be contacted for 24 hours by email, phone and  others.

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