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Gojek Jakarta office as a place to record and present complaints

Gojek Jakarta’s office is a place to register new drivers who wish to be one of gojik’s partners and help gojek to earn income because you can know jakarta itself is one of the cities that depends on gojik because the traffic is too heavy and some people lazily leave the house

Relying on a situation like this, some people are inspired to become Gojek drivers so they can earn a lot of income considering that users of this program are not very Especially in Jakarta, so you can try to go to one of Gojek’s offices in Jakarta so you can be aware of everything that’s related to Gojek.

The actions of ئۆفیسی گۆجێک China?

If you want to be aware of all items related to the google, it is appropriate to visit the Gojek office in your location. If you are in Jakarta, of course you only need to visit the Gojek Jakarta office where you can record for those who like it. It seems that there are many people who know what gojik’s office is doing.

Offices in each of these areas have nearly the same actions as all. one of them is a center for submitting complaints that are experienced or important by program users. Because in the office there will be a customer service department that serves all complaints experienced by customers and then a solution or solution to the problem will be given

In addition, this office has work to do to become one of the places where it can register as a driver or colleague who helps Gojek, although this registration can actually be done online. Of course, at a certain stage, the expected driver must come to the office to conduct tests and proof to make sure that the data sent earlier is indeed correct.

Goojek Office Service or Operation Hours

There is no doubt that if you go to Gojek’s office, you can certainly find a variety of solutions to the problems you have experienced while using the service from the corner, but of course to be able to access this office, you should also consider when the office’s service or operation time will not be completed due to the wrong hours.

Although the working hours of the online service are actually valid for 24 hours, this is certainly not applied to the offline service at the Gojek Jakarta office where new drivers are registered. Customer service working hours in Gojek branch offices also rely on the area inside or outside the Jaboditaba.

If you want to go to the Gojek office located in the Jaboditebeek area then you can go to the office from Monday to Sunday. However, customer service hours are not valid according to 24 hours, as office hours in the Jaboditabek area only start from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and this will be done for weekdays.

easy guidance for becoming a go – to-eat partner

The density of the large number of Gojek users today is also not only in the poetry of the opportunity by expected drivers but also by traders who feel their business can connect more people by using the Goojek program because going to food services on Gojek is one of the crowded services except for delivery services

Therefore, you can try to help Gojek touch the cooking businesses you have in the hands of many people. How can I do this? Of course, you only need to register your business, especially in the field of cooking, whether owned by an individual or a company owner. He was confused about how? Check the information below.

The first way is to use gojek’s official website, which is by visiting the page and then searching for the list to register business to become a Gojek partner. You can see a list that says “Food list and go restaurant partners”. Then you only need to fill out the form provided and then finish by email proving. Don’t forget to complete registration requests, especially on the business profile.

If you are in Jaboditbek, try going to the Gojek Jakarta office where you have listed trading partners . If you do not want to register in a long process, you can register offline, by visiting the Gojek office directly. Of course, this process will take a shorter time because you are being served directly. If you have performed your registration process, you should only be asked to wait for confirmation from a corner.

Do you have a problem using Gojek services? Jump to Office

Although it is very clear that the customer service of this office is really useful as a placeholder and provides solutions to the problems that users have experience with, it turns out that many people and users of the Gojek program do not know what kind of problems gojek’s office itself will cause.

Serious service problems can be blamed on Gojek customer services. One of them is when you become one of the victims of a cynical order that will certainly harm you because you need to pay for things that have been sent to your home by a gooedriver because you are using your name. You can then go to the branch office to report this item.

Your dissatisfaction with the service due to the driver’s error can also be reported to the Gojek Jakarta office  where you are registering if you are in the Jaboditabek area. Because Gojek, who is in charge of the driver, will certainly provide you with a solution to the objections you experience due to the damage caused by the service.

To come to Office, I also don’t need the background of the problem but you can ask for confirmation about something. One of them asks for reaffirming the cooperation you have created between Gojek and your work, and one of the things that can be used as an excuse to go to Gojek’s office, so having this office is really important and important.

The point is that if you really want to solve a problem or want to ask anything about the Gojek service, you can go to your area office. And remember about working hours or working hours in this office so you don’t miscalculate when you come to the office, especially the distance. You can even go to the Gojek Jakarta office where you can sign up  for newly expected drivers or for partners who really want to cooperate.

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