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KTA recommendations  without credit card simple conditions

The KTA’s recommendation that there is no credit card simple condition is the main donna of all, especially for those in need of additional capital. Because at this time, the application for bank funds requires a guarantee. This is actually a little complex, another condition to make it easier to loan from credit card owners.

Almost everyone is hard to get because it’s hard to approve for it, in fact, the rejection happens immediately if the file has been entered. Application requirements are really simple, payroll, NPWP, monthly payroll, and book saving. However, minimum nominal content must be followed. For credit cards, the credit limit is too big.

In fact, some have broken hundreds of millions of marks. The development of technology in the world also allows this credit to grow. Having financial technology makes everything easier. By applying for a KTA referral program without a credit card,  everything is easy. The process does not last long.

Although, you need to be careful. Because not all fintechs act well. There are also rushes as if the news is circulation. If you want to apply for it, check out the different requirements. To be sure, just try to view the full list by OJK, a regulator that always provides financial information.

In 2021, the development of fintech will be bigger. Because of the social and economic situation of the community because of the academic. So that you are not deceived and safe in transactions, here are some reliable fintech recommendations that can be used as an option for various urgent needs.

KTA recommendations  without credit card Easy Rules Bank Permata

The first bank is available as the first option when approving for a loan. In fact, the numbers got different, from IDR 2 million to IDR 10 million. With a payment of 12 months. The withdrawal process is also faster, approximately 24 hours after the requirements are approved, the funds go directly to the account.

For each loan, the interest rate of 2.99% is charged. The number of installations remains unchanged. Minima to make installments is 6 months. The table is usually given before submission. So you just have to learn it. In fact, some opportunities for Permata Bank also offer attractive promos.

KTA recommendations  without credit cards with simple conditions offer a payment of up to 3 years. In the case of the last payment, a fine of 5% of invoices with a minimum amount of IDR 150,000 will be charged. To apply for this, you must meet a glass requirement.

Get at least one monthly salary of IDR 3 million. From 21 years to 50 years old, a company’s permanent employee for at least 2 years. Apply for some documents such as photocopy of KTP, KK, marriage certificate, payslip for the last 3 months.

Moreover, the current account, access to the recruitment of permanent employees or the last original diploma and the NPWP. Actually, you don’t need a per eye on account savings. It will only have a transfer fee of IDR 150,000. Therefore, it is better to submit when you submit all applications for an account opening.

Tunaiku, Programm dari Bank Amar

The recommendation for KTA  without a credit card  is  Easy Rule is Tunaiku, which has been guaranteed by OJK since 2014. So you don’t have to hesitate to approve for it if you need more capital. The service is supported for 24 hours to get money. You must download the application from the Google Play Store.

Next, prepare your ID card and fill out a series of notification forms for Tunaiku. This form also determines whether your application will be accepted or given vice versa. After the end of the contract, the money may be paid immediately. Interestingly, with faster installment payments, no interest will be charged.

The KTA’s  recommendation  without a credit card is a simple requirement with  a budget of IDR 2 million to IDR 20 million. Almost everyone uses it and gets a positive testimony. If you want to borrow, either website or application. This seems to be the calculation point. So, please choose.

They borrowed and how high the rates were. The number immediately appears, which is monthly installation. When submitting, however, pay attention to the identity of the KTP. Try what the system hasn’t damaged and read. In this way, the loan was automatically rejected immediately.

In addition to providing additional funding. Tunaiku, it also opens up opportunities for you to make investments. There is already a simulation. So you can understand how much progress there is in choosing maturity from 1 to 3 months, which is guaranteed to be safe, and you will know the movement and growth.

CIMB Niaga Extra Fund Programm

The next simple KTA recommendation without  a credit card is  from CIMB Niaga, which offers additional funding programs. The best solution for you who want extra money. Access is quite simple and straightforward. You don’t just need to be in the office through the call center service or website.

Interestingly, the funds can be used for 24 hours to 7 days. You have received a form to fill in, as a first step, if this application is approved or rejected. For each loan, the interest rate of 1.79% is applicable. The number is really huge, it can approve the IDR 300 million.

Not only are CIMB Niaga users, KTA recommendations without credit cards can also be  submitted by other bank customers. It’s just that the requirements are really a little complicated. When you’re looking, try age, you’re 21 years old at 55 years old. As well as Indonesian citizens with proof of identity cards.

Don’t forget to also prepare a payslip and photocopy of NPWP if the application is more than IDR 50 million. For other customers there is additional credit cards. However, this is not necessary for employees and customers. If you notice a final payment, you will be fined Rp150,000.

Online loanmoney friend

The last simple requirement for KTA without a credit card is Friend’s Money. There are already calculations and calculations for approval for a certain amount of money. The amount extends to FP3 million in a duration of about 70 days. This fintech is really trusted because nearly 80% of them will take out loans again.

How to click is quite simple, just try to download it on application through mobile money friends. Additionally, self on the ID card process every about 5 minutes. After the contract agreement, the money is paid directly within 24 hours. Money from friends has been brought to all sorts of awards.

OJK approval and management have been obtained. So it is guaranteed that it is safe and not deception. For the rule, it’s pretty simple and easy. The age of borrowers ranges from 21 years to 60 years. The lending based in the region can be maximized for Jabodetabek. It is only with a maximum limit for Solo and his surroundings.

The minimum income is applicable, which is IDR 2 million. Prepare several personal documents, name identity cards, payslips, family cards, personal photos. The payment period in the short term is 10 days to 30 days or for interest calculation. It is very clear in nature, there is no element of deception at all.

Adding capital is really important for a number of circles. Whether for education, business or other purposes. However, you must first understand the various requirements. If it’s really worrying, it’s better not to do it.  KTA recommendations that no credit card are simple rules   that  are really required by different groups, especially during the academic period.

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