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Benefits of using Iftikhar Services Centre when phone breaks down

The Iftikhar Service Centre is very useful for mobile phone users . By going to him , the damage of the phone can be repaired until it returns to its original state . This is obviously useful considering that the spilt phone itself is very pleasant to damage . This happens because it is used daily .

Iftikhar himself is one of indonesia ‘s most famous brand . In deed , dignity still depends on The People ‘s Day . With dignity , it is hoped that broadcasting his mobile phone will be good . This is a dual market strategy that has been tried and succeeded by several large companies . There are many products published by Dignity .

In addition to mobile phones , the company also releases laptops and various appliances  . If the product is broken , be sure to come to the Honor Service Centre . Don’t come to the usual repair site . There are a few benefits here that an official service centre is not owned by Lori and elsewhere.

Benefits when choosing a service centre

The first benefit is in the technician who will manage it . When it comes to a normal repair site , the technician who manages it usually corrects itself . Although often qualified , self-learning increases the possibility of mistakes . This obviously harms you as a consumer .

Different things will be felt when you come to the Honor Service Centre . All registered technicians have their licenses . However , the quality of work is unquestioned . The standards that are in the property of professional technicians are the standards of the factory . However , the  quality of the product will return to the way it was first purchased.

Telephone security will also be maintained when using official services . In this case , complaints are often felt by consumers when they come to normal repair places . This is because there are often cases where the mobile phone parts that are served are even placed in the old parts of the phone .

This even decreases after services . Different things will be felt when you come to the Honor Service Centre . There are rules from technicians here where consumers need to get the best service . However , telephone security will not always be in advance , so it will return to the way it first came.

This safety is also guaranteed through the presence of guarantees . The guarantee itself is in fact an official characteristic that honors its employees . With guarantees , any damage that arises can be claimed directly to the service centre . Of course, there is a time limit for warranty.

In addition , guarantees will not be enforced if damage is caused by personal negligence . Guarantees can only be claimed if damage is caused by a technician ‘s error in the construction of the repair . Although used very little , this warranty feature will make it easier for consumers to get the best service .

Benefits don’t stop there

Another benefit  of the Iftikhar Services Centre  is also seen in the components presented . In Indonesia , two types of components are well known in the market . The first type is the part of the fire . This is the official part of the plant . The phone is reconstructed as it was before .

Iftikhar also provides such components at his service centre. In any case, there are also a second type of components that are regional. A local component is a type of component that is not made by the manufacturer . Although this is the same at first sight , the performance is not the same . The most obvious example will be seen in listening and local LCD .

On the contrary , the local LCD will feel different when put on hand and smoke cigarettes . The difference also applies to other components . In addition , there will be no problems such as the lack of components . At the service centre , this occurs .

But if so , one city ‘s pride service centre has cooperated with another city  . With this , there will be a lot of money from other cities that will be repaired . There is another benefit in waiting . Some people often complain about different prices between one repair place and another repair place .

It is possible to consider that there are no rules for repair ingress in price selection . Different things will be felt when you come to the official service centre. The price is always the same so that consumers get a certain price. In fact , price similarity applies to every region in Indonesia .

However , service can be performed anywhere at the same price . This tariff is also provided with a detailed description . Therefore , you will not feel suspicious and will not be harmed or harmed by the publication .

Stages when it comes to the service centre

If you know the benefits of the Pride Service Centre  beforehand , make sure that if the product is corrupted , come to the official service . When you come first , take the line number first . These media will usually be full on holidays . So come on a normal day if you want to wait on the line for more time .

Wait until the convoy number is called . If you have been called , come to cs and send complaints experienced by mobile phone . From there , cs will ask you some questions related to the complaint . This question is intended to make a price estimate . This is because CS will immediately notify the estimated price of the repair .

After knowing the price of the repair , you are free to continue repairing or not . If it’s not because you feel it’s better to get a new phone , you can get out of it directly . But if repairs are still made , CS will provide a form to fill out .

The form includes personal information from the consumer . There is also a personal number within to contact the service centre again if the repair process is not carried out quickly . From now on , CS will notify the estimated time to complete the repair process .

From there , wait for the repair to be completed . Iftikhar ‘s service centre will call you if the repair  is  actually successful . From now on , customers can pay the repair fee and go home with the repaired gate . In fact , there are a few conditions here where no more damage can be found on the phone .

This usually occurs when the technician repairs . When this happens , you will be told again and explained about the latest price to be paid . This situation occurs a long time because the damage to the phone cannot be fully determined unless a technician has been seen.

VIP services are also available to users

There are several types of services that can be obtained when it comes to service centres . The most special service is called the VPN service itself . VIP service is divided into three at the Pride Service Centre . The first service is called VP Service Zar . This applies to some phones such as Iftikhar 4C and G8.

On the other hand , there is also a VPN serus platinum . Mobile phone collections are even higher for this service . This service itself is intended for the employees of the P8. In this service , the lcd repair guarantees up to 3 months .

In fact , the guarantee applies as a breakdown of personal errors such as acceptance . The last service is called VIP Service Diamond . It ‘s The Met S . The main benefit of this is in the presence of a national guarantee for two years . Even when it comes to this problem , diamond VPN services will not be in advance .

Be sure to come to the official eddy at any time when there is damage to the gate . However , the gate state will return to its original state and unwanted things will not happen . For Iftikhar Brand itself  , come to service centres  that are spread throughout Indonesia .

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