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Asus Service Center Jogja, troubleshoot laptop errors

The existence of Asus Service Center Jogja is the best solution for owners of laptops and computers, as well as Asus smartphones. Of course, not all owners need to go to the site, only a few people with complaints about the defects of electronic devices.

This brand, which competed with various brands in other similar areas, first launched computers, then laptops and laptops to revive the smartphone market. Various stores in large cities are scattered throughout the city.

Jogja is one of the sites that Asus Service Center Jogja has, which is an issue that it solves when an electronic object is damaged. There are many reasons why people choose this brand, it may be due to the specifications and durability of the goods.

The brand, which is spreading all over the world, including successfully attracting the electronic market in Indonesia, has its headquarters in Taiwan. To date, there are many types of products in the form of mobile phones, their team is ready to compete to show fangs with other brands.

No wonder repair shops are widespread in several cities in Indonesia, because the purchasing power of people against this brand is also not small. Compared to well-known brands from South Korea, this brand provides a middle ground for everyone.

Asus Yogya Service Center List

In fact,  not only laptops can be repaired at the Asus Yogya service center, but you can also bring smartphones or computers for repair. Where did it go? here is a list of Asus service outlets in Yogya:

  1. It is located at Jalan Gajah Mada, number 21, Pakualaman, Jogja.  You  can visit the visit from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 16.00. Meanwhile, Saturday only starts from 09.00 to 14.00. Sunday off.
  2. It is also located on Jalan Ring Road Utara, just outside the Hartono Mall, Depok. Operating hours start from 09.30 and end at 17.00, valid every Monday to Friday.  You can call 0274 4469329.
  3. Next up in ELS Computer, Jalan Simanjuntak, Gondokusuman. It is open Monday to Saturday with uniform operating hours, which are from 08.30 and close at 19.00. The active phone number is 0856 4124 9900.
  4. Further on Jalan Timoho Demangan opens from 07.00 and ends at 20.00 every day including Sunday. The mobile number that can be contacted is 0877 3929 1690.

Yogyakarta residents no longer need to be confused when laptops and other Asus electronic devices are damaged.  You can choose one of the Asus Yogya  service centers above.

Commonly serviced Asus products

This Taiwanese technology company is committed to providing the best quality while regularly launching products. One product was created to correct shortcomings in the previous product, and so on, until innovations grow rapidly.

These products may suffer natural damage or be caused by use. What is certain is that when you visit  an Asus Yogya service center, some of the items that can be repaired are in the form of netbooks and laptops with various damages.

In addition, it can also improve smartphones, where Asus has launched zenfone with different types. Each smartphone has different specifications, supported by different prices.  You can bring the item for repair.

Before the release of laptops, laptops and smartphones, this Taiwanese brand initially relied on computers. For this reason, owners of AIO computers, desktops, vivoPC, LCD at this service point can repair any damage to their software and hardware.

Asus Service Center Jogja, which is not just about computers and mobile phones, also has the best technicians to ensure the repair of smartwatches or other products. Basically, users of such brands do not need to be confused when looking for a service point.

Types of damage that usually occur

A visit to the Asus Yogya Service Center   is the right decision when every electronic object is damaged. This will avoid getting rid of the source of damage. However, you also need to know what damages are common, such as:

  1. Damage to the adapter cable, which is usually characterized by erratic flickering later when plugged into a laptop, the battery charge light suddenly goes out.
  2. Suddenly, the light on the monitor is not so bright, then it slowly dims until it is clear what command is displayed. This damage can be caused by the backlight of the damaged inverter or damage to the backlight of the lamp.
  3. For some players, it usually happens that the lights suddenly go out while playing certain games. This crash is called overheating because the CPU is pushed to go an extra mile to run the game.
  4. Damage to the hard drive and keyboard and various other hardware. The example on the keyboard does not invoke a specific letter when you press a key.

The various damages mentioned above are just examples, you can find other types of damage again before you are taken to an Asus Yogya service center.   Make sure you are able to provide a detailed explanation.

Benefits of servicing at authorized locations

There are many electronic service points other than Asus Service Center Jogja , with different price variations. However, it is necessary to know that when you choose a place to repair directly from the brand, long-term profits will follow.

Call it a guarantee, something you  won’t get from the origins of other repair sites. The warranty is provided not only from the store, but directly from the brand. Some venues may provide warranties, but they are limited in time and scope.

Chances of repairing laptops and other objects falling on professionals are very likely, so they affect the result. Professionals work without messing with the source of damage, yet they detect and repair it with the knowledge they have.

When professionals work, they will naturally follow the best results. If the work is accurate, it will not take more time and costs. It may seem big at first, but it will be worth it if you don’t have to go back and forth to serve.

Why can I buy new services?

The reason everyone visits the Asus Yogya Service Center is to repair damage to their electronic devices. Some people may think that it is best to buy new ones, but it is not exactly the best option for everyone.

Several factors may be the reason why people prefer to fix old ones instead of looking for new things. This may be because you are familiar with the object or there are certain advantages that the owner personally feels from only one type of electronics.

Some damages do not fall into the difficult category, so they do not require the purchase of new electronic devices. Instead of wasting additional money on getting the latest type, it is worth saving funds to be allocated to other needs and expenses.

People prefer function to prestige. So, as long as the laptop, as well as other Asus devices, still work, even if it is not the latest type, a repair is enough. When damage to electronic objects, various considerations may arise.

To abandon the choice of Asus electronics is a taste, then in some situations it is a must to go to the Asus Yogya service center.

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