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Keeping the recipe for making delicious West Javanese Colenak andNutritious


Relying on the surrounding ingredients, which are still natural, makes foods such as recipes so that this typical Western Javanese colenak also has beneficial properties for the body. Ingredients such as plants, for example, will meet the fiber and nutrition of your body, even if the preparation is limited to light snacks. Natural ingredients and nutritious content are also supplemented by an easy production process.


There is no denying that food is a basic human need for survival. And Indonesia as a rich nation also has a lot of specialties of each region. Each region has different traditional dishes with unique flavors.


Cuisine is one of the riches of Indonesia because it is unique and different from the food of other countries. There are many different things, from rice, snacks to drinks. Even this food is not uncommon, which has been recognized all over the world for its pleasure.


This food is made from different types of local ingredients to meet the daily needs of the local population. Most of the nutrients in this preparation are complete enough for daily active activities. This traditional food with such processing can be delicious and nutritious.


The food of any region, such as the West Java region, is quite interesting to develop. In this case, as citizens who are proud of their culture, we are committed to preserving wealth, such as regulations to make colenak typical of West Java. It can also make foreign tourists interested in the culinary uniqueness of each of these regions.


A wealth of traditional snacks from Western Javanese

During the development of modern times, traditional food must be preserved so that later generations can continue to enjoy it. The inclusion of canning traditional snacks, such as the Colenak recipe typical of West Java , is a shared responsibility of Indonesians, even though they are from West Java.


Indonesians, who are famous for snacking, can be one of the methodsof mopping ice dancingto the culinary wealth of the nation. Colenak can be one of your snacks and is also rich in benefits. Unlike general snacks that do not contain nutrients, colenac has benefits that make it even more manageable to maintain.


West Java with its Sundanese tribe is known to be the owner of hundreds of delicious recipes and has even spread widely in Indonesia, including recipes for making colenak typical of West Java. Surely you have heard about cilok, seblak, Bandung cakes and many other types.


This traditional snack with a simple process and ingredients that are also natural makes the nutrients it contains quite guaranteed. Without preservatives and flavors that are harmful to the body, colenac is even healthier. This snack can even still be processed with various new innovations, making it more in line with the wishes of the current community.


Snacks and recipes to make this typical Western Javanese colenak is one of the foods that have long been known in West Java for its uniqueness. This food includes traditional snacks that are well known around the world and are now easy to find in the cool cafes in and around Bandung.


Snacks that have nutrition

Although colenak is a category of snacks, this snack is also notcommon insnacks that have a minimum level of nutritional value. Making it as a snack can help meet your vitamin needs due to its significant content. Since the main ingredient is natural from fermented cassava, you will benefit from its regular consumption.


Tergolong snacks with a recipe for a typical Western Javanese colenak from tape so that it has good benefits for digestibility. The vitamin B12 content of fat is also found in this processed food. To increase your energy for daily activities, you can get it from the content of burnt tape carbohydrates.


With the addition of brown sugar, which tastes  special, you can become addicted while eating this sweet snack. Colenak is also a healthy snack, so it is suitable for all circles and ages, as long as it is consumed in moderation. Although classified as a traditional food, this food is popular not only among old-school people.


Even in young people’s meeting places, such as cafes, recipes for making colenak typical of West Java are often very popular foods. Like other foods, this snack will continue to be popular as long as it is introduced to the next generation.


Traditional yang food remains popular

If you are visiting Bandung or other tourist areas in West Java, it is quite easy to meet this snack seller. Although it is a relatively old school, since the taste and recipe make this typical Western Javanese colenak easy, and the conservation activities that still occur, colenak is increasingly in demand and still exists.


The human need for food continues to develop in today’s modern society. With sales that keep up with the times, namely aimed at the youth community, colenak can continue to enjoy until now and also in the future.


Although it is classified as snacks, the goal is not only to group children who like snacks, but at any age they are also in reality. Like other Sundanese specialties, colenak is also known throughout Indonesia. Traders are also not only the indigenous people of Sundane, but also other people because of their promising economic potential.


To date, colenak can be sold in packages and is commonly purchased as a typical West Java souvenir. In the past, colenac was only an ingredient in cassava tape and brown sugar sweeteners, now it can be consumed with different variants. There have been many taste innovations carried out by culinary lovers so that they can enter in the languages of many people.


Ready tape, first steamed or burned to bring out the sweet taste of the fermented result. The sugar content, which is quite large in the tape after burning, makes lovers of sweet taste even more fond of this grilled tape. Thanks to ingredients that are still relatively natural, colenac is very safe to consume outside of the use of preservatives.


Snacks and recipes make this typical Western Javanese colenak classified as a healthy but still inexpensive food, making it even more interesting. Nowadays, not only cool snacks have to be imported or expensive. The tape, whose origin comes from cassava, can also be a cool food in this modern era. Switching from brown sugar to chocolate – like chocolate, cheese, banana and other flavors also increase the popularityof this food.


How to make Colenak simply

Besides being delicious, nutritious, it turns out that it is not difficult to make this typical Western Javanese colenak recipe at home. It is enough to prepare the ingredients, starting with cassava tape, coconut, brown sugar and salt. Here you should use a typical West Javanese tape, namely peuyem, so that the water content is not too large.


Then forgangnya you can use Teflon or a similar non-stick pan. First, prepare the soup by boiling brown sugar with added water, and then adding the grated coconut later. To give flavor, add a little salt and pandan leaves so that it smells better later.


You cook this solution until it boils and smells, then it can be immediately set aside. To make the roasted tape, first separate the cassava fibers, and then form them to taste. Then simply bake until the caramel appears, until after a few minutes on both sides. If you think it is suitable for maturity, it is enough to add additives or cocoons in a container and they are ready to eat.


If you want to try other varieties of colenak, you can steam it, you do not need to steam it. To match the preferences of children, you can replace them with chocolate, cheese, fruit flavors as cocolan in addition to brown sugar. The recipe for making this typical West Javanese colenak can be adapted to your wishes, but the taste and nutrition remain the same.

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